Forum Title: Trouble replacing shower cartridges and seat; hot water seized up
Hi all My bath tub has a cuthbert faucet. About 4 months ago the hot water began leaking. No matter how hard it was turned, it leaked. I should have fixed it then. Based on what I found online it seems this is often caused by a washer wearing out on the cartridge or the seat getting damaged. I bought replacement seats and cartridges finally after the hot water seized completely about 5 days ago and I couldnt shower. With much strain I got the cold water taken apart (tight as hell). The hot water seems immovable. I ended up buying some PB Blaster (penetrating lubricant) and shot it in around the face of the cartridge and let it sit hours and even up to 24 hrs. I tried to loosen it but still stuck. It began stripping (I stupidly used adjustable wrench) so out of fear I picked up a 13/16" combination wrench hoping it wouldn't strip, but even that is starting to strip it. I don't think the damn thing has moved one bit. Do I need to hire a plumber to knock into the wall and cut the pipe? Any last suggestions?
Category: Plumber Post By: MATTIE REEVES (Las Cruces, NM), 02/24/2017

I looked up the stem for that . Pretty basic. I bought one of these gator grip sockets, but have not tried it yet. They may have a bigger one than I have. Mine goes up to 3/4 Got it at the Big Depot Store Looks like it might grab anything stripped out.Make sure the stem is open. If you have it closed, Its locked against the seat. . I have seen a few DIY'rs blow out the seat in the valve because they did not open the stem to release contact with the seat.

- JAIME RAMSEY (Pleasanton, CA), 09/03/2017

Pictures might help us help you??

- BRUCE BELL (Oakland, CA), 09/06/2017

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