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So I know enough about plumbing to get myself into a bind - but I am really proud that I was able to a.) Score this $1000 deep sink with Kohler hardware for $60 and b.) remove my old sink and install the new one myself (holy cow these cast iron sinks are insanely heavy!). This new sink is considerably deeper than our previous sink, which is why we wanted it. I saw the 2 drain out feeds (I am not sure of the proper term) at the wall were higher and I wondered what issues it would cause with draining. Well, a trip to the local Home Depot and as the picture shows, you can see how I have set it up. It works decently, with the dishwasher plumbed and working well - but the actual sinks drain VERY slowly and I am sure this is a result oif how I setup the drains. What do I need to do to correct this? Thanks for your assistance and I hope to learn more about doing my own plumbing!!!
Category: Plumber Post By: YVONNE CURTIS (Nashua, NH), 05/06/2017 buy a different basket strainer,,,then use a regular ptrap and a continuse waste

- DAVID MILLER (Corpus Christi, TX), 09/11/2017

And, you can get the branch tailpiece in a version that attaches directly to the bottom of the shorter basket strainers that frodo mention, so that should give you enough room to hook up the dishwasher and still use the continuous waste.

- GEORGE MOORE (Muncie, IN), 09/18/2017

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