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The drain pipe for my kitchen sink is leaking. My house was built in 1965. Everything is copper and brass. I am pretty sure the labeling on the pipe says it is type "DWV". Our water is VERY high in calcium, if that matters. I've lived here 30 years and have never been able to get the softener to work right. The pipe connecting the kitchen sink to the main sewer is in attrocious condition, but I can't find a leak anywhere else. My main question then is: What is the expected lifetime of this stuff? I really can't afford to replace any more than that leaky section if I don't have to, but I don't want to be replacing little bits here and there for the next 10 years. Could that have been a bad section of pipe from the start? The leak started the same time the outdoor fawcett on the back side of that wall started dripping. It has no shutoff. Then I thought it was a leaking toilet because all the water coincided closely with flushing the toilet. The hung ceiling hid what was really going on. I'll explain some pictures. (1) is where the kitchen sink enters the basement. The bottom of the pipe is rotted there, and it continues like that for about 3 feet. The remaining pictures follow the pipe around. (2) is above the breaker box. Not quite as bad there. (3), (4) and (5) continuing to the right. That's the supply to the electric stove through the same holes as the pipe - how stupid is that! (6) is where it enters the basement bathroom. That framework is for the hung ceiling - hiding what was going on. (7) shows it entering the drain for the toilets. Shouldn't that cleanout be pointed up so the toilet water doesn't flow back into the sink pipe? (8) shows the first toilet and I think the vent through the roof. (9) and (10) show the second toilet. That strap on the right is loose. There's some spongy white and green mineral buildup and appearance of some seepage at a joint, but not to the point of dripping. (11) (see next post) shows the drains for the halfbath sink and bathtub. (12) and (13) are closeups. I believe all the water damage you see under the bathrooms are from sweating and occasional toilet overflows. If it all has to be replaced, what is best, plastic or copper? Can all the brass fittings be reused? Please help! Thanks!
Category: Plumber Post By: BILLY DIAZ (Carson, CA), 06/13/2017

replace it with pvc sch 40, what you can do to offset the cost of material, when you replace it, scrap the copper out. it is going for high dollah at the scrap yard is that your basement? reason i ask, if head room was not a problem, it would be a simple fix. when you scrap out the copper, cut the fittings off. anything with solider on it goes in 1 pile pile #2 is copper with out fittings/solider copper is bought for 2 prices #1 copper=no fittings/solider #2 copper solider the difference is substantial,,,,,do not let them give you #2 price for #1 they will try

- CLAUDIA GRAVES (Lauderhill, FL), 09/13/2017

Quote: Originally Posted by frodo is that your basement? reason i ask, if head room was not a problem, it would be a simple fix. Yes, but it is in a finished bathroom that opens to a finished recreation room in the basement. 2x10 floor joists with a hanging metal framework that holds 2'x4' fiberboard ceiling tiles, so there is about 9 1/2 headroom for practical purposes. On the other hand, what is the 'realestate value' of that basement bathroom? It's full of spiders all the time. We don't use it. My wife is afraid to even walk in. We have to constantly add water to the toilet to keep out sewer gas. If the sewers flood from heavy rains, we can't use any sinks or that toilet overflows. I forgot to put water in the sink down there. Do spiders crawl up out of the sewer? I have hundreds this year. They can't be breeding. I rarely have an insect in the house, so they only have eachother to eat. Calcium deposits have sealed off the fawcetts and the toilet tank from non-use. By simple fix, did you mean to use the whole space from floor to ceiling to space out all the fittings? The vertical part is inside a finished wall. Quote: Originally Posted by frodo copper is bought for 2 prices #1 copper=no fittings/solider #2 copper solider Is this because the solder is a contaminant? All those fittings are brass. I thought brass was more valuable than copper? Is the brass reusable, or is that scrap too? Just wondering if I can replace only the copper, or if all the fittings are corroded too? Would all PVC still be cheaper? I thought there was supposed to be some drop like 1/8 or 1/4 per foot if not vertical. All those drain pipes look perfectly level. Is this normal that everything would need replaced after 50 years? Could it just be that one pipe? Toilet bowl cleaner could have gotten into there and laid for hours before the next time the kitchen sink was used.

- DARREN MANN (Ames, IA), 09/27/2017

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- KENNETH MARTIN (Mesa, AZ), 10/05/2017

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